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We help brands 
find their

je ne sais quoi.

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Compoze is an independent brand consultancy dedicated to making brands




to people.

Culture is everywhere, shaping everyone and everything. To stay current, brands must be in sync. They have to be strategically sound and culturally resonant.

What do we do to help?
We create clever strategies, strong names, and we add a touch of Semiotics magic to the mix.

Best brands are sound and resonant.

Endless brand adventures.

With our global expertise across industries, we've had our fair share of brand escapades. From naming a tech brand now gracing the walls of Wall Street to aiding a global healthcare company in naming medication for the underprivileged. From applying Semiotics to infuse "street cred" into the latest car racing video game or "cultural cred" into Hollywood's scripts. From meticulously decluttering massive brand architectures to strategically positioning a new tech brand in the booming AI field. There's always a new adventure awaiting. We can't wait for what's next!

"Jennifer made herself a valuable and leaned-in part of my team from day one. She's direct and to the point, yet equally compassionate, and always supportive. She did an amazing job unearthing hidden truths."


Clients and collaborators say it best.


Ready to get started?

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